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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin

Skincare For Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin is particularly susceptible to everyday stresses such as harsh weather and hectic lifestyles and choosing the right natural products for sensitive skin is key. Choose our gently hydrating Soothing Sensitive collection for skin that feels refreshed, cooled and conditioned. For a targeted treatment, our solution focused Sensitive collection will replenish moisture, restore balance, and smooth and plump fine lines and wrinkles to help your skin look and feel it’s beautiful best.

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What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is more reactive and prone to irritation than other skin types. If you suffer from sensitive skin, you are more likely to feel burning, stinging or itchiness after using products not made with your skin type in mind, like some soaps, moisturisers and facial cleansing products. The best sensitive skincare products should leave your skin feeling nourished, comforted and relieved.

How can you tell if you have sensitive skin?

Burning, stinging and itchiness are tell-tale signs of sensitive skin, and patches of dry skin can make your skin more susceptible to sensitivity if left untreated. Other signs of sensitive skin may include:

- Rashes and bumps

- Sensitivity to the sun

- Broken capillaries (blood vessels visible near the surface of the skin)

What products are suitable for sensitive skin?

To care for your sensitive skin, whether it’s dry and undernourished, or if you’re prone to irritation, we would suggest switching to dermatologically-tested natural products for sensitive skin to help mitigate the risk of further irritation and support the skin’s natural barrier. Fragrances are one of the main causes of irritation, so it’s important to us that our sensitive skin products are free of both fragrance and perfume.

Choosing sensitive skin products

When it comes to choosing moisturisers for sensitive skin, you should use a product that not only relieves and soothes your skin, but that restores it too. The Neal’s Yard Remedies certified organic sensitive skincare range includes serums and moisturisers for sensitive skin, which have been expertly formulated to calm, hydrate and rebalance reactive skin.

Our Sensitive Restore + Smooth Serum has been clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and our Sensitive Soothing Daily Moisturiser nourishes the skin with organic borage oil and liquorice – to calm sensitive skin and restore the skin’s natural barrier.